Sunday, January 18, 2009

WRS #1 2009

Today was the first Footzone Winter Race Series (WRS) 5k. Despite some freezing fog and it just being down right chilly we had a good showing. 34 brave souls came out to giver' on a fine Sunday Morning. The usual suspects came in the front of the pack with the rest doing their level best to haul it around the 5k course. As we hoped people came with a good attitude and took away just what they wanted from the day. Some wanted to prep for an upcoming race with a good effort. While others just wanted to do little faster run with other folks. So whether you are trying to get some speed work in or just trying to get out the door during winter the WRS is just the ticket.

Results are listed below and points distributed accordingly. Stay tuned to the blog for more info on the next venue and how the tally is going for the big prize at the end. The overall male and female with the most points after the three races gets a brand new pair of shoes for the effort. And for those of us who a little behind the ridiculously talented don't despair, complete all three races there is a pair of running socks coming your way.
Ladies of the WRS Men of the WRS
Lisa Nye 10 Andy Martin 10
Jill Gozdwoski 9 Micheal Dennis 9
Mary Primrose 8 Joel Vergona 8
Megan Wrightman 7 Josh Davis 7
Ericka Luckel 6 Shane Cochran 6
Kari Strang 5 Ryan Altman 5
Erica Westcott 4 Danny Harris 4
Jenny Sventek 3 Kevin Lair 3
Linsey Greer 2 Jason Taylor 2
Kristi Sterry 1 Mike I might be Amish Olson 1

Thanks for reading and coming out to run,

If I misspelled any names let me know and I can correct the mistakes. It's hard to read my writing when my hands are frozen.

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