Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's New?

The Tuesday Performance group side stepped the ice patches and thanks to Max, rallied for a great workout to close out the year. I'm still amazed to see a dozen people out now that we're in the depths of winter. Good times.

Well, it's the shoes that are new. From Asics the Kayano, DS Trainer, Hyperspeed, Trail Attack and Landreth. From Brooks are the new Adrenaline, Glycerin, Infiniti, and Cascadia. Its still early so no bold predictions just yet but the Cascadia seems to fit even better, the Infiniti looks sweet and still rides like a dream, the Glycerin is plusher underfoot and the DS Trainer harkens back to the DS Trainers of old. Track Spikes are also on the shelves. Hard to imagine that Spring sports are that close but before you know it... Cheers-Teague

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jason said...

Wow, now that's commitment to posting! Nice to share a Red tonight. Happy New Year.