Monday, December 22, 2008


Back to Front, Left to Right: Rob, Dave, Colleen, Teague, Tonya, Kirsten, Jenny, Melanie, Eric, Nancy and Chris.

Last night was the revelry commonly refered to as the FootZone Holiday Party. This year was actually a cocktail party. I was able to fulfill my long held dream of playing bartender and firing up fun drinks. Tami (my wife) made a roasted veggie platter like you've only dreamed of. You know how most work parties are something you don't really want to attend but feel obliged to? This is probably the same, but no one lets on. There was good cheer all around. Everyone came, even Nancy who postponed her family Christmas trip so she could attend (she blamed it on the weather, but we know she just couldn't stand to miss out). All kidding aside, and I think all at the Zone would agree, we're lucky to have such a nice group to share our days with... and its good to raise a glass and celebrate. Cheers-Teague

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runninggal said...

You are quite the crew!!