Sunday, December 7, 2008

Catching up

I took some time with Tami and the kiddos at Thanksgiving to get up to Seattle and visit family. It was a great trip but I did miss "I LIKE PIE II" and as always, coming back to Central Oregon is a treat. Fortunately, the shop has been busy and I've been a poor blogger. All this sunshine and relative warmth seems to have folks continuing to run and thus buying running shoes at a good clip - Thank You for that. As for the past week, Tuesday was the Performance Group (still drawing a great crowd) and Screw Your Shoes. Thanks to Jeff Browning for bringing in the Makita's. More than 20 pairs of shoes came in the door to get winterized. Enough of you showed up, in fact, that I was able to join in the action. Since I'm not the handiest fellow, any chance to raise a power tool is a treat. The picture shows Jeff Caba getting set up and Max King and Jeff sharing some good natured banter about whether YakTrax or Screwing your shoes works best. Of course, it's all idle chat unless the snow flies. The Thursday Strength Workout is going strong and you really should join us. It's that workout I'd never do on my own, feels really worthwhile and I won't miss it if I can help it. Runners need this and for $5, you can't beat it. I hope your enjoying all those still accessible trails. Cheers-Teague

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