Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas come early at the Zone

About this time of year we're honestly ready for some new shoes. The days are short and getting colder and we practically do back flips when the styles start to change. Nothing wrong with the current shoes but when you deal with them every day, something new to ponder just brings a smile. Today was a bonanza as we got early hits of the new Brooks Cascadia, Defyance and Infiniti. The Cascadia is a staple for us and the new one initially feels like it won't skip a beat. The overall fit may be a bit more secure but even Rob's wide hoofies had no issues. The Defyance is new for us but Brooks has had tremendous luck with this neutral version of the tried and true Adrenaline. The Inifiniti was hands down the new shoe of the year at FootZone in 2008. Thus, this '09 version is laden with expectations. Time will tell but the fit seems consistent and it still has that wonderful forefoot ride that won so many of you over last year. Come in when you can and give us your feedback on these new styles. Cheers-Teague

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