Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Weekend

As if the turn in the weather weren't enough, there was lot's of great things happening in the world of Central Oregon running over the weekend. For starters, USAFITBEND, got the season started with their first round of sign-ups. Tonya from the FZ and her husband Geof are leading things this year and they had a huge turnout. You can sign up next weekend as well.

Sunday was the Peterson Ridge Rumble 30k and 60k. Here's the results There are so many great local finishes in this one so check it out. Andy Martin's run was pretty impressive in his first ever ultra. Nice work, Andy (side note, there's a good Andy interview at the end of the Horse Butte Video from the last post). Chad Sage and Renee Scott (both mainstays at the Tuesday Performance Group) rocked the 30k course. Dan Harshburger ran the 60k despite having the flu all week and Barb Ringstad managed to run the whole thing even though she said she was going to drop after 15. Jeff Browning ran fast only a few weeks removed from a bum knee and lots of water running. Colleen down here at the shop had a great run and somehow managed to not only survive all 34 miles but then came in and worked a 9 hour shift today at the FZ. She's a gamer. Kudos to Sean for putting this great event on. He puts lots of heart into this run and it always shows. It's been fun to watch it grow and we're lucky to have it so close to home.

Saturday was the American River 50 Miler down South and Max King and Kami Semick took top honors in that race. The results are here. I don't know what to say, so I'll just say wow. Some fast one's in this town. That was Max's first 50 miler (I'm pretty sure). Congratulations to both.

So, in summary: a beautiful weekend, beginning of BendFIT, and some really long runs (super fast for some, slower for others, hopefully fun for all). And, lest all you runners forget, today was opening day (of the baseball season). Mariners won! Hope Springs eternal. Cheers-Teague

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