Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Boston Results

Well my first contact from a Boston finisher was an email from Ryan Altman and he sounded like he had a great experience. Like many a Boston Marathon, not quite the time he was thinking of, but great nonetheless. Jeanine Faria seemed to have a strong Marathon. I can't wait to hear how she feels about it. Tim and Dru Carpenter may have had diametrically opposed experiences in their marathons. Dru seemed to tough it out and finish a hard day (I'm guessing there's more to that story) and Tim looks like everything was clicking. At the FZ today, we we're a little astounded as Tonya ran a 3:43 and change. We know that Tonya's more than capable, but she was just so broken before she left. We really thought she was just going to go jog it and soak up the experience but instead she busted it out and seems to have run her last 5k as fast as her first 5k. Congrats Tonya, now get ready for a nice break. Speedy recoveries to all and looking forward to hearing the stories.


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Runs4Suds said...

FYI..our daughter Erica ran Boston also. Fairly good time: 3:18! She had an awesome experience. Wish I could have been there.
William Johnson