Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Night at the Zone

After 14 years, I often learn from, am entertained by, or pleased with something that happens at the FootZone. But almost never am I completely bowled over like I was last night at the shop. First, at 5:30 was the info meeting for the Learn to Run program (see pic). The turnout was overwhelming and subsequent registration (at 95 people now) has Connie, Allison, myself and the rest of the LTR helpers completely energized.

Second, at 6:30 was the latest rendition of Girls Night Out where more than 100 women turned out to do what they do (I wasn't invited so I can't really comment). Jenny organized this wonderfully successful affair once again despite being two weeks from her due date. With the help of Colleen, Melanie, Nancy, Tonya, Kristen, Jill, Melissa and Tami (my bride) it sounds like it was a hit. I'd be hard pressed to argue considering the 100 dirty wine glasses I returned to Tabletops this morning. This event happens a couple times a year so look for the next one. Cheers-Teague

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