Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Race 2

Well we just had the second edition of the Footzone Winter Race Series. As the title says the winter series is turning out to be just that, winter. The last race had some chilly temps and lots of snow. This time racers were greeted with some seriously icy pavement and some snow towards the end. Since the end of the race we have gotten at least a couple of inches of snow and it looks like the blizzard will continue on for a while.
For the 8K we had 42 folks brave the day, 17 guys and 25 ladies. New people won the race for both men and women. Mike Olsen brought home the victory for the guys while Jen Shelton topped the field for the ladies.

Full Results
Women Points
Jen Shelton 20
Kristen Riley 19
Jill G 18
Jen Sventek 17
Mary Primrose 16
Amanda Havens 15
Julia Eidukas 14
Michele Delilva 13
Amy Clark 12
Junny Penny 11
Kelly Geygan 10
Emi Conrads 9
Claire Kanzig 8
Amy Var? 7
Jodie Barram 6
Andrea Daskewich 5
Adrienne Vahlsing 4
Monica Freeman 3
Amy Saathofk 2
Stephanie Bennett 1
Cat Addison
Adnee Wallace
Mary Wallace
Ellyn Lindquist
Nancy Macinnis
Kathy Harshburger

Men Points
Mike Olson 20
Ryan Shaffer 19
Michael Dennis 18
JJ Howard 17
Harris Danny 16
Matt Hobson 15
Ryan Altman 14
Sean Stroup 13
Mike Burri 12
Scott Vahlsing 11
Scott Carlson 10
Dan Harshburger 9
William Johnson 8
Ron Taylor 7
Dave Bilyeu 6
Mike Conrad 5
Charlie Kanzig 4
Ben Voights 3

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