Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well…I’d be a little embarrassed to blog a farewell until I was actually quite sure I wasn’t going to be popping my head into the shop for something or other. Many of you know I moved to Eugene a couple years ago when my husband went back to school. I’ve hung on as long as I could as a part-timer and long-distance employee. Suddenly, I'm saying goodbye.

In retail, there’s a saying: “grow or die.” Clearly that message applies to so much more than sales; we all make that choice every day of our lives. Working at FootZone and being a part of the wonderful community of Bend has truly been a greenhouse experience for me. I have begun to understand the amount of time it takes to develop a sense of community, and the great love with which that time is given. It’s hard not to sound really full of the Kool-aid, here, but for me, working at the shop has been one of the most genuine experiences of my life. It is as much a place where you can look people in the eye and share a laugh or a tear or a bit of news as it is a place to buy your running socks.

I feel really lucky to have been a part of your lives these past seven years. Thank you Teague, Laurie, Dave, Colleen, Chris, Jenny, Eric, Rob, & Kristen…thanks great customers and friends. You have made it a pleasure.


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