Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Week

Well it turns out that this week is a big week for me as far as training goes. So far this week I have one XC ski in, two runs, and a trainer ride in my garage. For a guy who is a slacker and has a rep for liking his couch too much this week is going great. Now if I could only string a few of these weeks together I would seriously dominate the middle of the pack.
As far as the two runs are concerned they were both noon runs from the FZ. It was pretty cold but the surface was decent on both days this week. Today I cashed a geek check and had my friend and all around running fanatic, Jeff Browning put some sheet metal screws in my shoes for the run. And I have to say that the worked really well and weren't too annoying on the dry pavement (not that there was much of that). This is a pretty cheap option that is great if you have lots of shoes and can dedicate one to having screws all the time. If not I still recommend the Yak Trax or Get a Grips as you can take them off if only some of your run is on the slippery stuff.
Don't forget that the second installment of the Footzone Winter Race Series is this Sunday down at the Old Mill. The race is 8k and will likely be wintery as snow is in the forcast. Hope to see you there.

Peace out,

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