Sunday, January 6, 2008

Big January

It may be just the beginning of 2008 but it is already of to a big start as far as running in Central Oregon is concerned. This weekend was host to two running events and both were well attended despite cold temps, tough courses, and some wicked head winds.
On Saturday Colleen, Teague and I hauled our unmotivated butts out to the "Bad Ass" held east of town on the Smith Canyon loop. There were options varying in length which we all wisely did the shortest of. I said short but it was still 9 frikin' miles. It was called the Super Slacker 9 by the organizers but they are ultra runners which is an entirely different blog.
Also this weekend the Footzone organized the first chapter of the Winter Race Series (see picture). This was the 5k installment of which 46 people endured high winds, deep snow, and the ever exciting out and back course chosen buy yours truly. Michael Dennis rocked the men's field while the Footzone's own Kristen Riley crossed the line first for the ladies. For those who participated results will be up on the website just as soon as I can get them up.

Good to see everyone out this weekend running and having a good time.

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