Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rollin' Eastside

Well the trails have been pretty crappy as of late. So since I had time to run somewhere out and about rather than from the casa I decided to check out the Horse Butte 10 miler course. I was expecting a muddy sloppy mess with some sections of ice and was just going to muddle through some lack luster footing and say I went for a run. What I found was some pretty damn nice surface to run on. As you can see by the picture the trail was dry and compact. The only drawback being the occasional pile of horse poo. I ran on the North side of the 10 mile loop during my out and back while being serenaded by the gun totn' side of America getting in some target practice. I'm sure the last mile or so of the loop is pretty icy due to the fact that there are still trees there but I would guess that most loop is in the same fine shape as the section I ran. So if you want to run out where you don't have to worry about each footfall and enjoy the splendor of nature, great vistas, rednecks shooting, and peoples illegally dumped furniture I would strongly recommend the Horse Butte 10 Miler course.

Peace out,

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