Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Week (and most weeks)

This past week sure felt like a pre-cursor to winter and made us happy for all we had going on here at the FZ. This is part recap and part reminder to pay attention because every week there are fun opportunities to get some activity with others. With the exception the the PF Clinic, these all happen every week.

TPG workout -The Tuesday workout with Max King still draws a great crowd despite the dark and plummeting temps. If your goal is to get faster, this can sure help.
Ask the Experts- People are often surprised to hear that we have someone in the shop almost every week to help them with their ailments. We think this is a great service for the community and are very appreciative that Mark DeJohn (ART), Steve Leary (PT), Chris Vergona (PT) and Michael Dennis (PA) are all good enough to offer their time.
PF Clinic Why do we have a Plantar Fasciitis Clinic? Several reasons: 1. people ask us to 2. Steve Leary is kind enough to do it and offers a broad perspective instead of the magic pill 3. We really see the need. Many people seek us out for the first time when they are dealing with PF and while we can help them, we want to offer them more. Thus, we encourage them to seek out medical help but like to have an accessible intoduction at the shop.

Taco Stand noon run- The group is growing and diversifying and the burritos are really good.
Learn to Run group- Nancy at the FZ is leading this out. It's a comfortable setting for all (you didn't have to be part of the FZ Learn to Run program). We have extra headlamps if you need one.

Functional Fitness workout- Kyle Will comes around every Thursday Night to kick our butts. At the shop we all love this workout and have realized that stuff like this is what keeps you strong and balanced enough to enjoy your running (or whatever activity) more. It cost $5 and there were 14 people last week- join in.

Learn to Run group- at 10:30 for the next several Saturdays, Connie Austin (our Learn to Run coach) is leading out a group. Again, you didn't have to participate in the FZ Learn to Run program to join in. Just a fun, inviting group for ALL paces.

Women's Running Group- Jenny from the FZ is back leading this group and it is thriving (two dozen were out this morning).

I know, I know, we take Mondays and Fridays and only open the doors to fit everyone in shoes and clothes and such. What can i say, there is always room for improvement. Seriously, we're proud of the offerings we have and hope everyone can find something that's fun, challenging, and/or helpful. If you want more info on any of these call us, email or check out our website. Cheers-Teague

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