Monday, November 30, 2009

Fast Local Elvis Impersonator

The exerpt below is from an article about the Seattle Marathon last weekend. This is the same Ian who's been a mainstay at the Wed Noon Run and Tuesday workout for the past few months. Who knows what else we'll learn about him. Nice work!

The men's sixth-place finisher, Ian Sharman of Bend, Ore. (2:42:53), crossed the finish line wearing a high-rise pompadour wig and lightweight white jumpsuit. His time allowed him to reclaim, he says, the Guinness world record for the fastest marathon by a runner dressed as Elvis.
"I won't do an impression, though," Sharman, 29, said with a laugh.
Sharman, a London native, had previously held the Elvis-marathoner record but lost it to another runner. Sharman needed to break 2:49 to reclaim the mark. "I'm really happy," said Sharman, who has previously run as Elvis in London and Rome. "The wig makes it a little more difficult; it catches the wind when it picks up,"

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