Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winter Race Series 3

First off let me just take a moment to say that everyone who ran todays Winter Race Series 10k is tougher than tough. Parts of the course where plowed but most was fresh snow over more snow. It was soft, deep, and uneven. Despite some really slow going 30 hearty folks managed to show up and as my friend Justin says, giver'. Speaking of putting down the hammer, check out the video of Andy Martin, Jeff Caba and Bill Barnett making it look way to easy. Keep in mind these guys are chatting at around 6:30 pace through the snow.

With Three races down for the series it looks like Jenny Sventek will take the win for the women while there is only two point separating Ryan Schaffer and Mike Olson. Tune in on the 24th to see how it plays out.

Peace out,


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