Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Remodel is on!

The remodel got off to a strong start on Sunday night. All the FootZoners were here. We closed at 5pm and had it all cleared to showcase our soccer skills by 7pm. The floors will completed by Tuesday night and we'll gently start putting it back together on Wednesday. If all goes well, we'll be back selling goods on Friday. Change is good but always a little daunting. Gone is the John Hillmer mural that doned our back wall for eight years. I see John occasionally and he now lives in Mexico or Southern California or some such place. Anyway, a good guy and we loved having his work on our wall for all these years. I suppose it's still there but harder to see under those layers of plaster. Our cash counter is headed across town to a new business in the old all star gymnastics facility. We sold it on Craig's list and the woman who bought it has a boy in the same preschool class as my little boy. Small world or big world or something. cheers-Teague

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