Monday, February 25, 2008

Turn out the lights

Yep it's over. Yesterday Feb 24th was the final installment of the Footzone Winter Race Series. Thank you to all who came out and ran with us over what has been a pretty solid winter here in Bend. Yesterday's race was host to the best conditions we have had and some festive head wear sported by Billy Barnett. You could actually see the ground and there were only a few patches of ice.

Despite the favorable conditions there was some drama to be had during the race. Before the race the the men's overall series standings and race for shoes had Ryan Shaffer and Mike Olson separated by a mere two points. The women's race was in the bag for Jenny Sventek as long as she finished (enjoy the shoes Jenny). Ryan and Mike ran together with JJ Howard for the first two laps. They looked like they were running comfortably exchanging their favorite recipes and being way to sociable. Somewhere on the last lap Mike threw hammer down and put a gap on Ryan with JJ hanging tough just behind him. This meant that Mike had made up the two point deficit resulting in a tie. So both Ryan and Mike get a free pair of running shoes to see them through the rest of winter and into spring.

I hope everybody had fun staying or getting in shape at these races. I am allready planning the fall version with thoughts of cross country style runs through the woods and parks of Central Oregon.
Peace out,

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Dave Bilyeu said...

Hey Super Dave. I couldn't finish the winter series do to an injury in January, but Doc Ryan has fixed me up and I already have my reg in for the Dirty 1/2.

This fall series sounds like a great idea. Keep us posted!
-Dave B