Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Race Report: Bigfoot 10k

Written By: Angela Shatting

 If you’re looking for a fun low key and fast 10k, Bigfoot is your race! The Bigfoot 10k is put on by runners for runners. The Central Oregon Running Klub has been putting this race on for ­­­37 years. 100% of the proceeds benefit Bend LaPine School District Cross Country teams. A good cause always makes you feel good about a race. But what actually makes this race worth going to? I’ll tell you!

The race is fast! That doesn’t mean you have to be a “fast” runner. It means you’re running downhill from the 7th Mountain Resort to the Deschutes Brewery back lawn and your legs can’t help but move a little quicker. The downhill momentum gets you going and the fun energy helps you along. The course isn’t marked…making this race even better! Sections of the course are lined with student XC runners who are
cheering you on, giving out free high fives and even busting out the wave! When teenagers chant “runners, runners!!” as you go by you can’t help but kick it up a notch

The fun energy and fast course make Bigfoot an ideal 10k for people getting out to run their first 10k ever or those who are looking to PR (personal record). It might seem counter-intuitive to have a great PR course be a great first timer course as well, but the positive attitudes, encouragement and big smiles from everyone involved make this an extremely welcoming and low key event.  For you runners that love dirt (myself included) don’t fret, a trail course, appropriately named Dirtyfoot, was newly added this year.

The after race festivities keep the good vibes going. There’s food, refreshments and fun MCing from Super Dave himself. There's a kids Cross Country race open to all ages that takes kids up and down the grassy hills behind Deschutes. It's perfect for every kid. From the kids racing all out to youngsters running with parents, it was smiles all around.

Bigfoot has a huge draw for local runners making this a fun social event too. You’ll see folks from around the community, local businesses offering support and local fast runners like Max King racing to win. I asked Max to sum up Bigfoot for me, quickly and simply he said “It’s a cool classic Fall road race that’s fast and community orientated and brings the whole running community together.” Well said Max!

Bigfoot will be an annual event for me and that race I’m always telling people they have to do. The fact that I PR’d made the race exciting, but it’s all the love and energy that C.O.R.K. put’s into Bigfoot that makes it worth going back to. See you there next September! 

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