Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Product Review: Mountain Hardwear Grub Glove

Written by Kari Strang 

Do your hands freeze?  Do you head out on an early morning run and find yourself stopping in bathrooms just to use the air dryer to thaw your hands? Do regular gloves do nothing to really prevent the claw like formation of your frozen fingers, unable to hold or open things for thirty minutes post run?  Do your fingers turn creepy white then translucent blue at the nail beds, serving as an effective way to gross out your friends during your cool down?  If so, and even if you don't really experience any of those things and are just looking for a cool new glove - I've got the solution for you.

At first glance the Mountain Hardwear Grub Glove looks a bit like a puffy coat for your hands.  They have a down outer mitten layer that wraps around a glove, creating almost a sleeping bag for your hands.  They are light weight and (from what I've experienced so far) breathable.  They also have a conductive stretch fleece palm that allows you to use them (pretty well) with touchscreen devices.

I have been searching for about a year now for gloves that could actually keep my hands warm.  Until now the closest I found, and my favorite glove for early/shoulder season, is the Craft convertible mitten/wind glove.  It would be a good option too for those of you that tend to run "hot" even in the winter.  For those of you like me with freezing fingers, this Mountain Hardwear Grub Glove is for you.  It is the best I've found at keeping my fingers warm, especially on those cold, dark mornings, and will help keep me running comfortably well into the winter.

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