Monday, September 30, 2013

From the October 2013 newsletter: Max's Tip of the month, layer up!

Written By: Max King

I just about froze on my run this morning. That signals the start of fall for me and a time when I have to give up the carefree shorts and t-shirt weather and have to actually carefully consider what I'm putting on in the morning before heading out for a run. It's now officially "layering" season. 

The tip to layering effectively is to have a good variety of options for different weather conditions. The nice cool Central Oregon mornings are usually served best with a light poly or Merino wool long sleeve top, with a light windbreaker vest, and a pair of 3/4 tights. As it gets to be a little cooler a heavy weight long sleeve Merino wool top, vest, light weight full tights, running gloves, and hat is the way to go.  With the occasional fall showers it's nice to have a lightweight nylon water resistant shell in your back pocket. I know it's tough to have everything in your running clothing quiver, but the nice thing is with Central Oregon, you'll end up needing it at some point and you'll be glad you have it. Remember, there's no bad running weather, just bad clothing. Now get out there and layer up. 

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