Monday, September 30, 2013

From the October 2013 Newsletter: Layering for 3 Seasons

Written By Ali Halpin

With the signaling of fall and the chilly temps we are all scrambling to figure out the proper dress to stay warm and toasty in the bone chilling weather that lies ahead. One of the most important thing you must remember when heading out on your runs is layers. Since the weather can turn from sunshine to rain during a run or even warm up or cool down 5 degrees from start to finish one must be prepared to adapt to what mother nature has to throw at us. Below are some great options for both men and women for layering up this winter.

Craft Active Extreem Concept Piece: This is a great first layer. With Crafts signature Active Extreem fabric in the arms and core and cool mesh integrated into the garmet in the underarms and the back. This piece was created for high output activities and gives the perfect amount of warmth and breathability.

Sugoi Firewall 180 Top (Mens and Womens)
Arcteryx Cyclic Zip Neck (Mens)
These are great options to go over your base layer. These offer a layer of warmth and light protection from the elements.

Sugoi Helium Jacket (Women)
Patagonia Nine Trails Jacket (Men)
When the weather really turns on us we often need a light jacket to top things off. The nice thing about this outer layer is that it can pack down into a pocket when not in use. A great option for early morning runs or to carry if the weather looks like it might change on you. These are also great on a little warmer days as your mid layer over your baselayer if the wind is ripping or its sprinkling on and off.

Sugoi Mid-Zero Tight (Men and Women)
Craft Active Extreem Windstopper Gunde (Men)
The Sugoi tight is a great mid weight tight to keep all those leg muscles warm most of the fall/winter. For men looking for extra warmth down there the Craft Gunde is a great option. Fitted like a boxer brief these have the warm active extreme fabric with windproof fabric at the front.

Keeping your head covered is crucial in keeping warm during winter activities. We have alot of great options for hats here at the Footzone. One of our favorite new companies is Sauce out of Missoula, MT.

Craft Hybrid Weather Glove. Built with the warmth of a mitten but the veratilite of a glove. Wear it as a glove on warm to cool days. On those chilly morning pull the windproof mitten piece over your hands for extra warmth!

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