Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Sneak Peak of the McLatchies' talk: Going the Distance

Jim and Carol McLatchie will be speaking at FootZone on April 2nd.  Get a sneak peak of their talk, below!  Please RSVP for the event.

Peak performances for months at a time are unrealistic.
Top efforts must be carefully planned.
The athletes need to set goals and believe in themselves, need to quit worrying about “what everyone else is doing”, concentrate on “what needs to be done.”

Cyclical patterns make the task easier.


1.   Introductory stage ( last 3 weeks of July )

2.   Basic cross-country stage (Aug - Sep, 8-9 weeks)

  1. Cross Country competitive stage ( October – November 8 weeks)
  2. Transitional period (2 weeks active rest)
  3. Track  basic stage (January – February, 7-8 weeks)

6.    Spring pre-competitive stage (March beginning of April, 4-5 weeks)

  1. First competitive stage ( April   3-4 weeks)
  2. Competitive period (May 3-4 weeks)

9.    Transitional period (4 weeks of June 1st week July)

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