Friday, July 12, 2013

Kraig’s Product Blog: Cool Stuff You Don’t Know About

Written By: Kraig Erickson
At FootZone we have a lot of products.  Obviously running shoes and apparel are pretty self-explanatory and most customers are quick to ask our crack staff questions or comfortable shopping on their own.  However we have several products that may need some explanation and sometimes customers may be too shy to ask.   I am hoping to make this a recurring blog that I can also introduce new products as well.

The first product I am going to talk about is Leg Lube.  The first time I came into contact with Leg Lube was when a customer returned it because they thought it was an anti-chafe product (see next paragraph).  As the FootZone resident “Tri” guy, I think that I am the only male on staff that regularly shaves his legs.  So I took a bottle home and gave it a shot and this is what I found out, the stuff is great!  The bottle says, “ Performance Shave Gel for Fast Legs.”  I am not sure it made me any faster but it did give me a close shave.  I was able to get a couple more days out of a shave than I do with my wife’s shave cream and I really liked the mint scent.  One of the other things that I liked was that at 3.4 oz’s it is super portable and easily thrown into my bathroom kit for the gym or travel.  It gave me a clean, close shave, and I got many compliments on my legs at the Short Shorts Run.  The final test I gave the product was shaving my face with it after letting my beard grow for a couple weeks prior to Pacific Crest.  Yahtzee! Super good on the face as well.  I was really excited to pass my findings along to my co-workers, only to find out that Teague shaves his face with it all the time.  Who knew?

If you read about the first product and are wondering well what do I use to lube my legs if it’s not Leg Lube.  We have a couple products for that too.  This time of year as the mercury rise and we all run longer and sweat more, chafing can be an issue.  Whether it is between your legs, under your arms, or nipples (mostly guys), cutting down on friction is a must.  Try some Body Glide or Sportshield on your problem areas.  We tri folk have been using Body Glide for years to get wetsuits on and off easier and prevent chafe.  I use it on my feet and in my shoes as I run sockless about half the week in preparation to race without socks. Both products work great and can make life much more pleasant. 

New product alert!  We just got a new hydration product in for Skratch Labs.   Invented by Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas for the Garmin Sharp Professional Cycling Team these products have been talked about in cycling and tri magazines for a while and are now available at the FootZone.  It comes in powder form in singles, or 1lb bags, the flavors are raspberry, pineapple, and lemon lime.  The ingredients are all natural and the flavors are super light and tasty.  Max King and I both sampled the product and used it in training and loved it.  We are also carrying the two cookbooks by Skratch, Feedzone (kind of like FootZone) and Feedzone Portables.  These books are the real recipes that the authors use to fuel the Garmin Sharp racers in events like the Tour De France.  There are some very tasty recipes, even for restrictive diets and food allergies.

Ok, that is my first installment for Kraig’s Product Blog.  Stay tuned for more helpful insight into some FootZone products.  As always if you have a question about these products or any others, ask a Zoner!  We are happy to help.

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