Sunday, December 30, 2012

Product Report: Fresh Wave - your stinky shoe solution

By: Colleen Moyer

One question I get often at FootZone is "How do I get rid of the smell coming from my husbands shoes". Sorry guys. I really never had a good answer. Well, now I do. Fresh Wave!

We have two choices for you, a spray or a bag of 4 packs. The spray can be applied to shoes, stinky workout clothes and even pet odors. The bags can be placed in shoes, lockers, gym bag or wherever there is an odor.

It's an all-natural odor eliminator that actually works. The ingredients are water, lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood. It's that simple. Spray sales for $6 and the packs are $12.

Fresh Wave is perfect for non-sock wearing, old shoe loving, extra sweaty or just plain-old stinky feet people (we know that’s not you). Not everyone has this problem, but if you do, you have to give Fresh Wave a try!

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Tina said...

Good tip! But I personally prefer remedies made frome cedar wood, such as cedarsoles of zederna, because of my little son (he has also problems with stnky shoes - the cedarsoles are available in kids size). It's because the cedar wood has very antifungal attributes, which keep infectious bacteria away.