Monday, November 5, 2012

Max King Night

This is my first official Footzone Blog post of the new improved Footzone blog.
This Thursday at 7pm I’ll be fortunate enough to stand up in the Footzone and run through all I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish this year and also what I’ve learned from what went right and what went wrong.  While these things, specifically if it’s called “Max King Night” make me nervous because I find it unnerving to talk about myself, I’ll do my best to take you through a year filled with ups and downs, far away trips and a variety of races and events. I can talk training all night long and will probably have a tendency to go that direction during the talk but I’ll try to stay on topic as much as possible. 
Gorge Waterfalls 50k
Grand Canyon Photoshoot

Through photos, video, and stories I’ll take you through my year from the Olympic Trials, to Spain, mountain running, and my first 100k. I’ll share photos from the Canary Islands and Zegama, Spain where I had a horrible race but also learned that if there is 5 inches of mud on the course then a road shoe is woefully inadequate. I’ll share how to train to have your best Olympic Trials in only 6 workouts, by the way, not recommended, but it seemed to work. I’ll tell you how to run both a 3k steeplechase and a 100k in the same summer. I’ve got some brand new photo and video footage that no one has ever seen, not even me, so I hope it’s good.
Come on out on Thursday at 7pm and I’ll do my best to entertain for an evening at the Footzone. Since I’m also pretty indecisive, if you’d like to have a hand in what I do next, I’ll probably be taking suggestions on what I should do next year. 
Zegama Marathon Spain
After Zegama Marathon
Olympic Trials Steeplechase 2012

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LisaS said...

Any chance there will be another chance to catch the talk? Fingers crossed.