Monday, March 14, 2011

Merrell and Minimalist March

In a post last summer I explained how excited I was when Merrell busted out with the first shot at more "conventional minimalist product". You can read that post HERE (it's at the end). Well, we've had these shoes in the store for more than a month now and I can confidently say, they have not disappointed. There are flashier options out there but relative to most other minimalist shoes, the Merrell Barefoot shoes don't lift the heel relative to the forefoot. Some won't think this is a big deal while others will. Even if that doesn't matter to you, you might appreciate that the Trail Glove and Tough Glove for men and the Pace Glove and Pure Glove for women are as understated as they are comfortable.
Let's face it, some of you want to try minimalist shoes but don't necessarily want to draw attention to your feet. I'm happy that Merrell has addressed this need. Merrell also recognizes the lifestyle appeal of this footwear and you'll see that in the solid leather Tough Glove and the mary jane style women's Pure Glove. If this is strictly to run or walk or hike in, you'll be happy with the simplicity and function. Buy a pair this month and get entered in our Minimalist March Giveaway. -Teague

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