Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introducing Max

Our newest employee here at FootZone is someone you're likely familiar with. His name is Max King and he just so happens to be fast (ok, REALLY fast). Obviously, being speedy doesn't make someone a good FZ employee, in fact it could just make them intimidating. Fortunately, Max is really bright, a great community member, and just an all around good guy. He knows a lot about running and shoes and we're lucky that he wants to work here while he's training hard for the seasons ahead.

We know Max pretty well around the shop. He's run the Tuesday workout for us and generally likes to come hang out at the Zone. It's only been a couple weeks but we have learned a couple new things about Max since he started: 1. He eats a lot, it must be hard to fuel all those miles. 2. He's not afraid to work hard (not surprising considering his running accolades). 3. He can laugh at himself (pretty much a prerequisite to working at FZ).

Max will be helping Teague with the footwear buying, doing inventory managment, working on the floor, and helping out with Good Form Running and other community stuff. It's a part time gig so that he can continue to train and race like a madman. We're pretty sure that Max, like many Zoners before him, will make the FootZone a better place. Hopefully we won't ruin him (or slow him down) along the way.

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Runnin' Shorts said...

Max...I always carry at least 10 boxes simultaneously in each hand(Brooks Beast of course), my soul patch is thicker and I am still taller than you.

All the best from Ashland,