Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mac Forest 15K Trail Run

Trail running is fun and Mac Forest over in Corvallis is always a treat. This is 6years running that we've closed down the shop on the last Sunday in Oct. to head over the hill for a stout climb and some fun trails. The crew was diminished this year with some injuries (SD and Rob), a baby (Jenny), dedicated Ironman training (Tonya), sickness (Kristen) and I'm not sure what the other excuses are but... all that did go ran a PR. Something about running a little faster than last year makes that post run pizza and beer even better. Nice work Colleen, Melanie, Ryan and Jason. Good to see William Johnson and Isaiah running hard along with rippin fast Matt Lieto (he won). Mickey, Tawnie and Piper McDonald (she's the sweet little blond girl who runs sooo fast) made the drive for their first Mac Forest. Great to see Bendites Kelsey Garbutt, Heather Lynch and Jeanette Groesz (who set a course record for her age group). Results are here. Cheers to all-Teague

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