Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Geek Check

Well it has happened. I purchased a Garmin 405 GPS HRM doohickey and I am nerdy enough to download it and check out the details. It is kinda neeto to see how it just slaps your run, ride, activity onto a thing they call the dashboard and you can check out just about every aspect of that activity you would want. below is a link to my run this am with co worker Kristen Riley who was kind enough to slow down to run with me out on the trails.
As for my review of the 405 after flailing a little to get going with it (like all technology for me) I am now comfortable enough to use the thing pretty efficiently. Granted the watch will do lots more than I really will ever use but it's nice to know the options are there. The only downfalls I have seen so far is that initally the interactive bezel takes some getting used to as well as the operating system. But it only took me a little while to figure that out. The big downer is it tells me that I am A. not that fast B. for going not that fast my heart rate is kinda high and C. that I am not that fast. Overall it is pretty cool to know that at the end of your run you will know how far you went, how much elevation you gained and lost, what your average pace was, fastest pace was, and if you get the one with the heart rate monitor what your average and max heart rate was. As well as splits total time ect.

Peace out,

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JCaba said...

I would only add to the downer list.. D. I didn't run as far as I thought.