Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good, dirty day

Thank you all for helping to make this such a great day for the Dirty Half. Hard to believe the perfect morning and warm sun at the finish. There were many smiles and a few bloody knees (and hands). Below is a link to the results. Special thank you to all the volunteers and Nancy P's, Taco Stand, and Deschutes Brewery for helping make the post run festive.


Theodore Eugene said...

With this being the second time I have run this event, but first time in 5 years, I have to say that I love the wave start. However, I missed any communication about how this wave start would work.

This might be because I did not sign-up myself and might not have been on the DH email list, but if there is a way you can disseminate this information in the future to runners new to your wave start that would be awesome.

fzcrew said...

Thanks for the suggestion. We're getting ready to sit down and talk about ways to improve for next year. Clarifying the waves is on the list. We're thinking something in the packet is necessary. Glad you made it out and hope you had a good run-teague

thatoneguy said...

Loved the course! Will there be race photos online?

Jhonne said...

Nice blog..It inspires me to start for running event.

My feet have several thousand meetings scheduled with the dirt on a trail not far from here. Who am I to keep them waiting? Time to run. ~Jeb Dickerson, Smartwool